10 Decorated Christmas Trees

Here are 10 beautiful Christmas trees for some holiday inspiration…

A White Christmas Tree
A white tree will accentuate your ornaments and brighten the room.

White Christmas Tree



Origami Holiday Tree
I love how the ornaments are flying off this tree. Paper is an inexpensive solution
for creating extra decorations to fill out those empty spaces.

Origami Holiday Tree

The Traditional Tree
Red bows, candles and balls create a timeless look for your next Christmas tree.

Traditional Christmas Tree

A Golden Christmas
Monochromatic trees can make a dramatic impact, consider
using ornaments that are all shades of the same color.

Golden Christmas Tree

The Lighted Tree
This tree uses a variety of different lights to create a new look.

Lighted Tree

Simply Beautiful
It doesn’t take a lot to create a stunning tree. Using a garland of red leaves with a combination of green and white balls is simple but beautiful.

Simply Beautiful

The Pink Christmas Tree
For a less traditional Christmas tree consider going pink!

Pink Christmas Tree

A Tree the Kids will Love
This tree uses toys as ornaments. I especially like the candy cane topper.

Tree the Kids will Love

A Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink